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Curation Quick Guide to Hit Stands Soon

In a few short weeks Professional Learning in the Digital Age: An Educator’s Guide to User Generated Learning hits the shelves. (and the kindle store!) As the majority of the book argues that some of the best professional learning occurs in the digital space, many people have asked me why I elected to write a hard copy book on this topic.

In short, here’s why:

  • Finding the Newbies- Many teachers who are beginning the digital professional learning journey are still most comfortable with printed books. Believe me; I asked a lot of people! I’m hoping that this format will reach many newbies out there.
  • Creating Coherence- I love blogging. It allows me to explore and experiment with new ideas in real time. However, short blog posts don’t always add up to a coherent whole. Trying my hand at an entire book forced me to organize and prioritize my thoughts in a new way. I’m excited about the ways that this book takes you from “soup to nuts” regarding digital professional learning.
  • Building a New Community- This site will feature a virtual book club for people to share their successes, tips, and tricks as they try out strategies in the book. It’s my hope that the book will provide a common language and common experience that allows all of us to learn together more effectively.

If you are interested in joining me on this learning journey, follow this blog for upcoming events and ideas. Thanks!